Friday, December 25, 2009

Problem installing SeaMonky 2.x from 1.x

Recently I downloaded & updated to
Seamonkey 2.0.1, later when I restarted
Windows XP Seamokey went back
to version 1.1.18...

After reinstalling 2.0.1 several times,
I was expecting the newer version to
over write the older version which
didn't happen.

After inspecting my Programs directory
I noticed that I had 2 Mozilla directories.

\Seamoky - which contained the latest
2.0.1 version

\ - the older
version 1.1.18

1st Exported my bookmarks to seperater
directory, because I'm going to delete and play it safe. Don't
bother saving Add-Ons.

Go To > Control Panel > Add remove programs
Note: If you have both versions remove both.

Delete the directory,
then I ran Glary's Utilities or
what registry cleaner you choose,

Then reinstall 2.0.1, clicked
on the desktop icon issue solve dand
every app of Seamonkey works fine.

HTML editor, use net reader &
mail worked better than before.
Then reinstalled Add-Ons.

Please read:
"Extensions installed under SeaMonkey 1.x are
not migrated to SeaMonkey 2, and may not be
compatible for reinstalling in this version
due to major changes in our architecture.
Please report any issues to the maintainer
of the extension. Extensions and Themes for
SeaMonkey 2.0 can be installed from the
SeaMonkey Add-Ons website or the "Get Add-Ons"
section in the Add-Ons manager."

The above is important-^^^

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